RACEMAXX 80cc Bike 2 Stroke Gas Engine Motor ENGINE ONLY FOR Motorized Bicycle

RACEMAXX 80cc Bike 2 Stroke Gas Engine Motor ENGINE ONLY FOR Motorized Bicycle

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POWER 80cc Bike 2 Stroke Gas Engine Motor ENGINE ONLY FOR Motorized Bicycle.


A MEGAPOWERED complete 2-stroke 66cc/80cc high performance MOTORIZED BIKE engine kit for converting your bike!


Heavier, stronger magnet rotor for more power! Other cheap bike engines use weaker, less powerful magnet rotors. Feel the difference!

Thicker, stronger, longer, stronger magneto cable wires for improved power transfer and better reach.

Heavier, thicker cylinder bodies and crank case for strength and durability!

Heavy duty metal engine for added strength and durability

Wider front mount for better bike fitting accommodations of all bikes

Front and rear mounting studs are rugged thick 8mm. Cheap low quality kits use thin, brittle studs that break off.

Enhanced universal motor mount clamp bracket for seamless bike tube front mounting.

High quality advanced u-bolt 8mm universal motor mount plate 8.8 grade 8mm bolts and nuts for ultra hold and grip

High grade 8.8 standard for all bolting hardware. The low quality cheap kits use 4.4 grade that strip threads easily.

Ungraded nylon insert lock nuts to prevent loosening. Low quality cheap bike engine kits use standard nuts that loosen over time

Balanced, heavy duty quality crank assembly with smooth rides.

Short crank rod for more power. Cheaper low quality bicycle engines use lightweight poorly balanced assemblies with the longer rod with less power

Longer camshaft arms for easier disengagement

Higher quality, thicker bevel gear grease for superior lubrications

Rugged, thicker high quality 8mm 4 bolt grade 8.8

Super wide 40mm intake for optimal air/gas flow. Cheap low quality kits use narrow 32mm intakes for inferior flow and weak running.

Superior hardened steel bucking bar for ultimate durability every time you need to disengage the clutch. Cheap low quality kits use cheap, low quality metal bucking bars that quickly wear down preventing proper clutch disengagement

We at Runfast build and ride motorized bikes and demand the highest quality components direct from the manufacturer. Every detail counts. The cheap low quality bike engine kits don’t care and don’t understand the details that make a quality motorized bike engine kit.

With better qualities you save yourself from the headaches of LOW QUALITY breaking down. That’s priceless.

• Super fuel-efficient, only consuming 2.5 litre fuel per 100km

• Fast and powerful!

• Comes with all needed hardware for easy installation

• Fit for most type 26" and 28" and 29” bikes, such as mountain bikes, road

bikes and cruisers.


• Mode of Engine:Single cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke

• Bore & Stroke:47mm & 40mm

• Driving Ratio:18:01

• Fuel Type:No.90

• Lubrication Oil: oil of 2-stroke petrol engine (2-Cycle )

• Mixing Ratio of Fuel and engine Oil:5 oz oil per 1 gallon gas for new sets, 4 oz oil per 1 gallon after running 500km

• Type of Sparking Plug:Z4C 14MM

• Volume of oil Consumption:2.5L/100km

• Type of Clutch:Friction Plate / Dry

• Cooling Mode:Natural air cooling

Package included:

• 1x 80cc 2-stroke engine(the putt is bent)



• 1x SUPERZAP Spark plug

• 1x

• 1x Manual

• Please also keep in mind that the motor will use a mix of gasoline and 2-cycle oil. The oil is used as a lubricant. Without it, the performance and longevity of the motor will be reduced. Please refer to the manual for further information including gasoline/oil ratios.

• If you have any questions,please contact us for technical solutions.


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